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How to Clear a Green Pool in 5 Days or Less

Each pool owner has experienced this situation one or several times. You dropped the pool cover after a period and realized that the water colour changed from crystal clear colour to green of algae, which makes you absolutely refuse to spend any minute in that pool.

Do not worry. With some simple steps, you can quickly change the swimming pool water from swampy to beautiful clear blue to enjoy your wonderful summer days



When your pool turns green, it simply means there are algae in it. Before you start swimming in the next warm months, you will definitely want to clean your pool and enjoy it afterwards.

There are three things you need to focus on to change the situation your swimming pool

  • Your filter system
  • Appropriate chemicals for your pool
  • And your efforts

You can clean your pool in over 5 days or less simply by following the appropriate steps below


Initial Preparation

  1. Test the water

In the beginning, you have to know clearly the level of the issue by using a chemical test kit to check the chlorine and pH levels of your above ground pools . If the levels of chlorine decrease under 1 ppm, this can lead to the growth of algae in the pool.

  1. Make the balance of the Chemistry of the Pool

After testing step, you would need to add either a base or an acid to change the pH levels to around 7.8. You may wonder that this rate is higher than the normal level for swimming but it is totally effective if you want to remove all the algae. Then, you have to turn on your pump so the chemicals circulate throughout the pool to balance the pH levels. The levels of pH, which you need to increase or decrease, depend on the extent of your problem.

  1. Check Your Filter

In this step, you need to remove any garbage presenting in your filter such as leaves, sticks and anything else that could clog the filter. If necessary, try to backwash your filter to ensure it works smoothly before adding any chemicals to the pool. This action is to make sure the filter could run 24 hours per day during the cleaning process. You can consider your filter as a best robotic pool cleaner since you only need to use it to know whether any debris stays in your pool without using other machines.

  1. Clean the Bottom and Sides of the Pool

If you find it difficult to see the bottom of the pool, you could use an algae pool brush to scrub the pool before adding chemicals. There are cases that algae will cling to the surfaces of your pool, but by scrubbing the bottom and the sides, you can break up the algae and take it off from the surfaces. Therefore, the chemicals work faster and effectively.

Shock the Pool

  1. Treat the Pool with Pool Shock

To quickly kill the algae and sanitize the pool, treat the Pool with Pool Shock containing the high rate of chlorine, which is the best pool cleaner in this situation. A strong shock contains at least 70% available chlorine that can destroy both algae and bacteria.

If your pool has a high amount of algae, you may have to use the Pool Shock not only once to keep the algae from returning. Cloudy, dirty or other waste could appear in the water after adding the shock if you notice. But as the water runs through the filter after that, you would see it begin to be clear again.

  1. Clean Your Filter Often

Once the shock has killed off the algae, you must prevent the agglomeration of waste one more time in your filter by some periodic treatment, which includes removing the buildup regularly, cleaning the filter, clearing the dead algae and other debris, if any.

The Final Steps

  1. Vacuum Up Debris and Dead Algae

Now you can see what happens in the bottom of the pool, you need to clean both the bottom and the sides of your pool again by using a pool brush. After

After scrubbing the sides and bottom, you need to vacuum up the dead algae and other debris to ensure it is totally clean.

  1. Run the Filter and Monitor Your Pool

After shocking your pool and removing all unwanted debris, your pool would come back to the beautiful clear blue and become totally ready for the next coming hot days. However, before jumping in, let allow your filter to run and check your pool regularly to be sure the algae doesn’t return.

If it does, you may need to repeat the shocking process to get rid of it for good. Luckily, this time you are experienced.


Having your pool changed from blue to green can make you a little bit disappointing, but with just a little effort and hard work, plus proper chemicals, you can easily and quickly clean up the algae from the water in a short time and bring it back to the original color that you wish to see in your pool.

Hope you enjoy your swimming time!

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